Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

One of the most crucial aspects of a business is its ability to manage performance. Being able to pay attention to every detail is key to this goal. However, it is not always the case that you can have the time to review multiple reports or navigate through huge tables of data. However, the with the use of a dashboard you can check all of the necessary parameters for your business at once.

Being able to have an overview of your company in a single moment means when you have the benefit of consuming that information in real time when it is current and relevant to your business needs and goals.

Your company is unique and so is the way you use your data. Having a custom dashboard created will allow you to present the most valuable and useful information tailored to your needs and the needs of your business. Furthermore, it may be the case that different users in your company will require different views. For this reason having a custom dashboard built will allow each person to see the level of detail they need to meet their goals and get their job done more efficiently.

Up To Date

The dashboards we create are powered by your current data in real time or near real time solutions. You can check at any time to see how your business is doing instead of waiting for the end of the week or month for reports. This means you can set up alerts to be notified as soon as something happens so you can act immediately. rather than when you see a weekly or monthly report.

Multiple Data Sources

It is quite common for a business to have its data spread across many different sources. Our dashboards can connect directly to any data sources meaning that you can view all of your data in one place. As well as the obvious time benefits this provides it also means that you may spot information that would otherwise have been hidden had the data remained separated.


Our dashboards offer the flexibility do not require any special apps or downloads. All that is needed is a web enabled device. This means that our dashboards look the same on your mobile devices as they do on your desktop devices, allowing you to move between the two with ease. Being able to have this flexibility allows you to keep up to date with your business even while on the move.

Trend Identification

We can help you identify the best method of displaying the data that is important to you so that you can take the most information from that data. Having this type of oversight and window into your data will allow you to see trends emerging more clearly than before, allowing you to make decisions and react proactively to potential issues before they become major problems.

Easy to Use and Understand

Dashboards are very intuitive tools for your business. Learning how to use them does not require any technical training or previous coding experience. They are mainly visual in nature and so anyone can quickly learn how to get the most out of them.

Engage with Employees

Keeping your employees engaged in the goals of your company can often be a difficult task. Previously to understand the bigger picture an employee would need to have been privy to business reports. However, by using a custom dashboard it is possible to create a separate user view for employees to help keep them motivated. They can not only clearly see the business goals, but also how close those goals are to being met.

Save Time

Pouring over business reports can take a long time and generating those reports can often take even longer. With such reports being generated usually on a weakly or monthly basis this necessary task can often end up taking a huge amount of your time and your employees. Through the use of dashboards creating these reports manually is no longer necessary, and consuming their information is easier too, meaning that employees can concentrate on their main tasks and you can get on with running your business.

Measure KPIs

Monitoring your company's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is vital to it's success. However, with traditional methods of reporting it is not easy to identify problems before they occur given the delayed frequency of reporting intervals. Custom dashboards let managers measure your KPIs in real time or near real time and react to your company's inefficiencies before it's too late.

Enhance Collaboration

Collaborating with your colleagues and sharing KPIs and insights is critical to making smart business decisions and making sure everyone in the organization is working towards the same targets. Having a custom dashboard for your business encourages collaboration and is a real time tool that helps keep everyone in your business on the same page.

Embedded Analytics

If your company makes use of any of our analytics offerings we can also insert the insights they provide into your dashboard in a way that works for you.