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Quanovo to speak on panel at Digital Manufacturing Week 2018

07/11/2018 09:07:38 (GMT)

The Smart Factory Expo is Europe's biggest showcase for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - a revolution in manufacturing agility, innovation and thinking. This year, the event is doubling in size to include the whole of Exhibition Centre Liverpool and is on track to attract 6,000 attendees from technology, finance and manufacturing, with over 250 exhibitors.

The Liverpool LEP are hosting a dedicated LCR "Solutions Theatre" at the event to promote companies or knowledge assets that are operating in the sphere of Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs). This is designed to show a national/international audience impact case studies from the Liverpool City Region.

The Solutions Theatre itinerary is to be made up of 10 half-hour slots each day, all focusing on a specific theme related to 4th Industrial Revolution and the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges. Each session will be made up of a panel of speakers from both industry and academia, as well as a moderator to introduce the theme and the panel.

Quanovo's Managing Director, Dr Thomas Gorry, will be on the panel entitled "Beyond the hype - How Machine Learning is already a reality". The panel is scheduled for Thursday 15th November at 2:15pm in the Solutions Theatre. Dr Gorry's accompanying talk is titled "Transforming Manufacturing with Deep Learning AI" and will be introducing our company as well as giving a brief insight about the use of AI methods in Quality Control, Inventory Management and Predictive Maintenance systems for the Manufacturing Sector.

Registration to the event is free before Monday 12th November 2018 but will incur a small cost after that. Why not register today with the link at the side of this article and come and see us there.